Thesis: Ph.D 

Department: Genetics

Factuality: Agriculture

University:  Ain Shams

Date : 2016

Molecular Genetic Studies on Biotic Stress in Potato


Plants life is affected by biotic stresses which cause a reduction in crop quality and quantity. One of the strategies to manage biotic stresses damages is the generation of transgenic plants which have the ability to trigger an early warning upon any pathogen infection as biosensors. Two promoters/GUS reporter gene fusions were constructed. The First one contained FLS2 promoter. The second contained synthetic promoter composed of four PR1 (cis-acting element) repeats and two transcription enhancers from 35S promoter. Each construct was used for the transient transformation of potato leaves by co-cultivation. Leaves were treated by the phytohormone salicylic acid to stimulate the occurrence of biotic stress. Validation of gene expression induced from both constructs showed an increase in reporter gene expression upon salicylic acid treatment. The results reflected that both constructs could serve in the production of biotic stress biosensors.

Keywords: Biotic stress, Biosensor, Flagellin sensing 2, Pathogenesis-related gene 1, Synthetic promoter.






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