Prof. Dr. Sami Said Adawy 


Professor Sami Adawy received his Ph.D. in molecular genetics and genome mapping from department of genetics, faculty of agriculture, Cairo University and gain post-doctoral from university of Wisconsin – Madison USA in Molecular Cytogenetic. 

At present, He is a Deputy Director at the Agriculture Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI), Agricultural Research Center (ARC).  He managed and participated in many international and local funded research projects. Most of these projects involve Comparative Genomics and Genome Mapping for important economical crops. Some activates include Germplasm conservation, Genetic Characterization, Next Generation Sequencing, Molecular Marker and Bioinformatics Analysis. Some of these researches focusing on Comparative, identification, characterization and pathway annotations for many plant genomes to identify markers and its SNPs . Finally Structural Genomics in cotton targeting important Agronomic Traits to construction a genetic linkage map which was useful in detecting significant QTLs related to earliness and high productivity and promise to provide a better understanding of the cotton crop.

Prof. Sami is a reviewer for many national and international funding schemes like STDF. He participated in many scientific conferences and workshop published over 46 scientific articles and papers in local, international conferences and journals.

Research Activities and Research Projects:

  1. Bioinformatics analysis and comparative genomics for important cultivated crops , such as date palm , olive ,wheat and barley.
  2. Germplasm conservation, molecular characterization and fingerprinting for different egyptian strategic plants/crops.
  3. Construction of QTL maps for many economic crops/plants in Egypt, localize QTLs controlling economically important traits such biotic and abiotic resistant/tolerance, yield, flowering, gender-specific, etc.
  4. Development of initial marker assisted selection systems for important traits in many strategic crops.
  5. Structural genomics in different crops targeting important agronomic traits.
  6. Transfer the knowledge to younger scientists/scientists through participating in national and international training courses in molecular biology and biotechnology.              

Selected Publications:

  1. Attia .M. and Adawy, S. (2015). Novel set of sex specific PCR based markers reveals new hypothesis of sex differentiation in date palm . Journal of plant Sciences.2015; 3(3): 150-162.
  1. Adawy, S.,
  2. Samer E. M. Ismail, Sami S. Adawy, Abdel-Kader Y. Gamal El-Dinand Ebtissam H. A. Hussein (2015). Linkage map construction and detection of QTLs associated with earliness, fiber quality and yield in an interspecific cross between Gossypium hirsutum L. and Gossypium barbadense L. International Journal of Advanced Research . 3(3),637-649
  1. Adawy, S. ,Roba M. Ismail and Saker M.M.(2014).Mapping of QTLs controlling resistance leaf stripe in Egyptian Barley. Egyptian J. of Genetics and Cytology. 43 (2), PP 207-230.  
  2. Adawy, S.S., Jiming Jiang and Mohamed A. M. Atia (2014). Identification of novel sex-specific PCR-Based markers to distinguish the genders in Egyptian date palm trees. International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research (IJASR), 4 (5), 45-54. (Impact Factor: 4.3594)
  3. Adawy, S. S. and Mohamed A.M. Atia (2014). A multidisciplinary molecular marker approaches to assess the genetic diversity in Egyptian date palm. International Journal of Bio-Technology and Research, 4 (6), 1-12. (Impact Factor: 2.887)
  4. Adawy, S., A. A. Diab, Abdel-Hadi I, Shafik D. Ibrahim Shafek I. El- Morsy and Mahmod M. Saker (2013). Construction of Genetic Linkage Map and QTL analysis of Net Blotch Resistance in Barley. International journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research, 4 (3) pp 348-363.
  5. Ayman A. Diab, Mohamed A.M. Atia, Ebtissam H.A. Hussein, Hashem A. Hussein and Sami S. Adawy (2013). A Multidisciplinary Approaches Dissecting QTLs Controlling Yield and Drought Tolerance-Related Traits in Durum Wheat. International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research, 3 (3) 99-116

Adawy, S., Ayman A. Diab, Mohamed A. M. Atia and Ebtissam H. A. Hussein (2013). Construction of genetic linkage map with chromosomal assignment and quantitative trait loci associated with some important agronomic traits in cotton. GM Crops, 4(1), 1-14.

Lab members:

PhD and juniors working with Dr. Sami Adawy:

Name of Res. Team Member in English Name of Res. Team Member in Arabic Institute In English Position / Title

 Dr. Mohamed Atia Mohamed Atia Omar

             ( Co-PI)

د . محمد عطية محمد عطية عمر Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) – ARC Researcher - Genome Mapping Dept. - AGERI
Dr. Shafik Darwish د. شفيق درويش Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) – ARC Researcher - Genome Mapping Dept. – AGERI
Mr. Al-Samman Mahmoud Mohammed السمان محمود السمان Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) – ARC Researcher Asst. - Genome Mapping Dept. – AGERI
Mr. Moraad Mokhtar Mokhtar مراد مختار مختار Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) – ARC Researcher Asst. - Genome Mapping Dept. – AGERI
Azmy Mohamed Marzouk عزمي محمد مرزوق Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) – ARC Technician - Genome Mapping Dept. – AGERI

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