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  • Researcher (PhD Ain shams University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Genetics): Mar. 2011 till the present, AGERI, ARC.
  • Assistant researcher (M.Sc. Ain shams University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Genetics): Aug. 2007-Mar. 2011, AGERI, ARC.
  • Research assistant (B.Sc. Zagazig University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Genetics): from Oct. 2003-Aug. 2007, AGERI, ARC.

Research Activities and Research Projects:

Expression of recombinant proteins transiently in plants, development of serological and molecular viral diagnostic tools, studying the viral defective RNAs arising in some hosts after virus infection, production of monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies, isolation, cloning and gene expression in prokaryotic system, virus isolation, purification and identification.

Selected Publications:

  • Reda Salem, Nahla A. El-Sherif and Lamiaa F. El-Gaied (2014) Raising effective polyclonal antibodies against purified Pepper Leaf Curl Virus particles. Egypt. J. Genet., (IN PRESS).
  • El-Gaied L. F., El-Sherif N. A. and Salem R. E. (2014) Biological and Molecular characterization of a Geminivirus Affecting Pepper Plants in Egypt. Arab J. biotech., 17(2): 167-184.
  • Layaly G. Mohamed, Hussein Sabit, Salwa Sabet, Reda El-Sayed Salem and Abdel-Wahab El-Ghareeb (2014) Targeting Apollon via siRNA Induces Apoptosis in Different Human Malignancies. Academic Journal of Cancer Research 7(4): 233-238. DOI: 10.5829/idosi.ajcr.2014.7.4.8623
  • Salem R.E., Salama M.I and Nour El-Din H.A (2013) Expression of cucumber mosaic virus coat protein gene for the production of recombinant polyclonal antibodies. Arab J. biotech., 16: 243-252.
  • Hanan       Nour El-din, Reda Salem and       Khaled Addallah (2013) Cloning and characterization of cucumber mosaic virus coat protein gene from infected banana plants in Egypt. Egypt. J. Genet., 42: 151-161.
  • Salem R.E., Fatma, Badawy, M.I. Salama, Hanan Nour El-Din, Kh.A. El-Dougdougand Eman M. Fahmy (2010) Detectionof citrus psorosis ophiovirus in citruscv. navel orangein Egypt. Egypt. J. Genet., 39: 305-314.
  • Salama, M.I.; El-Domyati, F.M.; Salem, R.E.; Nour El-Din, Hanan and Sadik, A.S. (2007) Production of polyclonal antibodies specific to citrus tristeza virus (CTV) using the 6x His-tagged fusion coat protein. Pak. J. Biotech. Vol. 4(1-2).
  • Salem, R. E.; Salama, M. I.; El-Domyati, F. M.; El-Dougdoug, K. A. and Sadik, A. S. (2006) Molecular genetic characterization of the coat protein gene of an Egyptian isolate of citrus tristeza closterovirus. Annals Agric. Sci., Sp. Issue, 1, 29-38.

Lab members: Mr. Omar Ahmed

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  • September, 2014 - February, 2105 scientific research visit fellowship for studying "Engineering expression vectors based on plant virus sequences for the production of pharmaceutical recombinant proteins in plants" Biotechnology laboratory, ENEA, Casaccia Research Center, Anguillara, Rome, Italy.
  • May 2014, short research scientific visit fellowship for studying "Development of quick and effective molecular viral diagnostic methods and studying the viral defective RNAs" laboratory of virology, department of Virology and Bacteriology, Institute of plant protection, National Research Institute, 60-318 Poznan, Poland.
  • October, 2012 - April, 2103 research scientific visit for studying "the production of monoclonal antibodies" at Julius Kühn Institute (JKI), Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Braunschweig, Germany.
  • May 2011, short research scientific visit for studying "vaccines production based plant viruses" laboratory of virology, institute of experimental botany, academy of sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Nov. 2006, International training course and Thematic Workshop on "the use of RNA interference in therapeutics" COMSTECH, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Nov. 2006, International Training course and symposium on "characterization and management of emerging viral diseases in the developing world" NIBGE, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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