Sameh El-Sayed Ibrahim Hassanein           

Title: Head, Bioinformatics and Computer Networks Dept.

Contact information: Mob. : +2 012 287 744 62

                                                    email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Expert in many Bioinformatics online tools, databases and software packages aided in wide range of bioinformatics research topics, e.g. similarity searching, phylogenetic analysis and constructions, epitope prediction, 3D modeling, secondary structure prediction, primer design, big data analysis (clustering, normalization, …), 3D structure prediction, gene finding (motif finding and prediction), genomic analysis, transcriptome analysis, pathways and networks analysis and prediction and investigation of structure–property relations in biomatter.

Research Activities and Research Projects:

Research activities include: transcriptome microarray, High-throughput Studies, Structural bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Computational Mass Spectrometry

Member of many research projects funded by STDF (Science and Technology Development Fund) and ARDF (Agricultural Research & Development Fund), which entitled:

  • Development of Transgenic Wheat with Improved fungal resistance. (STDF)
  • Identification of Stress-Related Genes from Rice Using Microarray Technology. (STDF)
  • Development of Drought-Tolerant Bread Wheat viaBiotechnological Approaches. (ARDF)
  • Principle Investigator (PI)
  • Focal Point for Supercomputing facility provided by (Cy-Tera and LinkSCEEM High Performance Computing ACCESS project) through Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
  • Principle Investigator (PI)

Shared elaborate long-range experimental research programs in plant stress (biotic and abiotic) and molecular biology at Ain Shams Univ. and AGERI.

Supervised many M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses in many national universities and institutes

Selected Publications:

Sameh E. Hassanein (2014). Characterization of ATP gene in Calotropis procera Mitochondrial Genome. Egypt. J. Genet. Cytol., 43: 257 – 269. July 2014

A.M. Ramadan and S.E. Hassanein (2014). Characterization of P5CS gene in Calotropis procera plant from the de novo assembled transcriptome contigs of the high-throughput sequencing dataset. C. R. Biologies 337 (2014) 683–690.

Heba E. Ghareb, Basita A. Hussein, Hala F. Eissa, A.M. Shokry, S. E. Hassanein, Mahdia F. Gaber and Naglaa A. Abdallah (2014). Isolation of some drought stress related cDNAs from Rhus tripartite plant via differential display. Arab J. Biotech., Vol. 17, No. (1) January (2014): 43-58.

Hassanein, S.E., A.M. Ramadan, A.Z. Abdel Azeiz, R.A. Mohammed, S.M. Hassan, A. Atef, K.B.H. Kamal, S. Rabah, J.S.M. Sabir, O.A. Abuzinadah, F.M. El-Domyati, G.B. Martin and Ahmed Bahieldin (2013). Thymoquinone causes multiple effects, including cell death, on dividing plant cells. C. R. Biologies 336 (2013) 546–556.

Rasha, A. Mohammed, Kh. M.A. Ramadan, S.E. Hassanein, R.R. Francis and A.Z. Abdel Azeiz (2013). Butyl-Iso-butyl phthalate as an Orobanche crenata seed germination activator secreted by roots of Vicia faba. J. Biol. Chem. Environ. Sci., (2013), Vol. 8(4): 157-167.

A.M. Ramadan, H.F. Eissa, S.E. Hassanein, A.Z. Abdel Azeiz, O.M. Saleh, H.T. Mahfouz, F.M. El-Domyati, M.A. Madkour and A. Bahieldin (2013). Increased salt stress tolerance and modified sugar content of bread wheat stably expressing the mtlD gene. Life Science Journal 2013; Vol. 10 (2), pp. 2757-2770

Hassanein, S.E., A.Z. Abdel Azeiz, A.M. Ramadan and Afaf Z. El-Meneisy (2012). Screening for Pectinase and Cellulase inhibitors from the root exudates and protein contents of five plants against six phytopathogenic fungi. J. Biol. Chem. Environ. Sci., (2012), Vol. 7(3): 454-553.

Hassanein, S.E., F.M. Abdel-tawab, E.M. Fahmy, Gh.A. Gad El-karim, Th. Alniemi, M. Abdelsalam, S. Mostafa, A.M. Ramadan, O.M. Saleh, Hala F. Eissa and A. Bahieldin (2009). Molecular assessment of chitinase activity in transgenic wheat. Egypt. J. Genet. Cytol., 38: 207-220, July, 2009.

Lab members:      Mr. Youssef Bakr; Miss Omnia Osama; Mr. Yasser Morsy; Ms. Rasha Abdelkader and Mr. Mohamed El-Mahdy

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