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training 1International and Regional Training Courses and workshops are constantly being organized by AGERI to provide an opportunity for researchers from Africa and the Middle East to gain experience in the use of advanced Molecular Biology Technologies.

Training courses include:

Short-Term Training (One to two weeks) A one to two week structured group training program can be organized anytime of the year at national, regional and international levels for graduate and undergraduate students from Universities and research centers. Each of these trainings is coordinated by experts from AGERI.


  •     Molecular Marker Techniques and Fingerprinting "Practical"
  •     Plant Genetic Transformation Techniques & Tissue culture "Practical"
  •     Microbial Molecular Biology
  •     Introduction to Genomics "Theoretical"
  •     Biosafety of GMO "Theoretical"
  •     Biotechnological Techniques "Practical"
  •     DNA sequencing "Practical"
  •     Introduction to Bioinformatics "Practical"
  •     GMO Detection "Practical"
  •     Bioinformatics "Theoretical"
  •     Chemoinformatics "Theoretical"
  •     Systems Biology "Theoretical"

Long-Term Training (one to six months) Long-term training can be organized for MSc and PhD students from Egypt and neighboring countries. Trainings are implemented in our laboratories under supervision of our experts.

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