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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Service at Genomics Lab




AGERIGenomics offers a next generation sequencing service using a Solid platform.Using our complete system, based upon the state of the art 5500 XL SOLiD system, AGERI offer genome sequencing services.Next-generation sequencing applies to genome sequencing, genome re-sequencing, transcriptome profiling (RNA-Seq).

Sample requirements:

~8-10 μg of high quality, intact double stranded gDNA for each sample with an absorbance ratio (A: 260/280) of ~1.8 to 2.0 at a concentration of at least 300-500 ng/μl should be required. Genomic DNA should be free from any particulate matters and RNA contamination. As well as should not be degraded.

Description of the service

A library of DNA fragments is prepared from the sample to be sequenced, and are used to prepare clonal bead populations. The fragments attached to the magnetic beads will have a universal P1 adapter sequence attached so that the starting sequence of every fragment is both known and identical. EmulsionPCRtakes place in microreactors containing all the necessary reagents for PCR. The resulting PCR products attached to the beads are then covalently bound to a glass slide.

Data Deliverables:

· Raw data

· Comprehensive compiled report and data will be provided.



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