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The main duty for AGERI’s Genomics facility is to provide access to the latest technologies and highly specialized equipment in genetic analyses. This enables the utilization of such technologies and instruments to improve productivity and sustainability in the agricultural sectors as well as providing services for the national and regional scientific communities.

Several research activities are carried out in the facility using the available state-of-the-art equipment.

  1.      Egyptian Buffalo Genome Sequencing:

This project was carried out in collaboration with Nile University and ARC’s Animal Production Research Institute. The goal of this research activity was to produce a high resolution draft genome of Egyptian buffalo and to partially annotate the genome to identify genetic features within the sequenced genomes: These features include, but not limited to, identification of genes, regulatory elements, and repeat families. The first draft was completed in 2013 and the high-quality version and the annotation of the genome were finished in early 2015. This activity was the first of its kind to establish a national platform for whole genome sequencing. This was the first activity of its kind in Egypt to integrate multi-disciplinary research institutes to develop a national platform for whole genome sequencing. The outcomes of this project will help improve the productivity of meat and milk in Egyptian buffalo as well as aiding the breeders in selecting the more economical herds.

  1.      Date Palm genome sequencing:

In 2014, the draft genome of 4 Egyptian date palm varieties was finished. The genomes of Zaghloul, Hayani, Amhat and Siwi varieties were sequenced in order to study the genetic variation between theses commercially important varieties as well as laying the foundation for utilizing genomics approaches to improve productivity, decrease crop loss, sex determination and the accurate prediction of varietal genotypes. This activity was carried out in collaboration with the ARC’s Central Laboratory for Date Palm Research and Development.

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